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Shrinking Feeling

Washcare Symbols Explained

8 Aug 2016

 Getting that ‘Shrinking’ feeling? Fear Not! Follow our simple guide to achieving the perfect pile of laundry.


Our clothes are labelled with a whole host of wash care instructions and symbols, but do you really know what they all mean? Our quick guide with makes things a whole lot easier for you.




The wash bowl with a number indicates the maximum temperature that you should wash the garment to, in either domestic or an industrial washing machine.


This means Hand Was Only.


Do Not Bleach.


Suitable for Dry-Cleaning.

 Do NOT Dry-Clean.




Do Not Wring.


Hang to Dry.


Dry Flat.


Drip Dry.


Do Not Tumble Dry.


Suitable for Tumble Drying.


Tumble Dry on Low Heat.


Tumble Dry on Medium Heat.


Tumble Dry on High Heat.




Do Not Iron.


Iron on Low Heat.


Iron on Medium Heat.


Iron on High Heat.


Do Not Steam Iron.

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