Organic & Sustainable

Every little helps and baby steps can get your team on the road to a sustainable uniform solution. Selecting high quality, well designed products should carry the added benefit of reduced cost through repetitive purchasing over time. Begin by identifying the high-volume products that your business is burning through, these are the big targets to hit first. We have a team of qualified experts who can advise you on how improvements can be made in these areas and opportunities to put your best foot forward. Get in touch, we’d love to get on the road to improvement with you today.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about companies taking responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. Our company was founded more than two decades ago and maintaining focus on a CSR based approach has made us known as one of the top players in the industry when it comes to delivering high quality in the form of well-designed  and durable products.

And we will continue doing so. Our experience shows that customers understand the value of quality – and one of these values is sustainability. Great products with long durability is far more ethical and environmentally friendly than those you use and throw away. It makes our contribution to sustainability very concrete and effective since this is incorporated into everything we do every day.

BCI Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Ocean recycled plastic, Recyclable and chemical free uniform solutions are available from Matrix Uniforms across a broad range of products. This is not a gimmick for us and we will continue to grow our range of sustainable clothing with our first Vegan range also proving a success in 2019.

Our Sustainable range of Corporate Clothing and Workwear can be personalized like the rest of our ranges, however we have to be careful of the means used to do so or risk the recyclability or eco status of the product.

Drop our team a line, message or email today to discuss how we can help your team look good, feel great and make a difference to the world we live in.

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