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Tradesmen and women have a tough gig, early starts, late finishes, family favours, customer small talk and of course the dreaded pranking – with all of that on your plate, we’ll help keep you comfortable and safe on the tools so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Let’s start with Rainwear, well, we are in the UK. And let’s face it – given the UK’s unpredictable climate – tradesmen are just as likely to be rained-off in autumn or spring as you are in winter. You are never guaranteed in the summer here. Staying dry and comfortable about choosing the right type of rainwear for the job and there are several factors to think about from type of rainfall to how intensely you’re working, what the temperature will be, the materials you are working with, protection you need and how many hours you will be spending outside. Read our Blog on selecting the correct rainwear to learn more, or check out or Rainwear and Outdoor workwear range here.

So let’s face it, we may not get the most sunshine on these shores, but when we do – you want to make the most of it. Our selection of technical clothing and activewear will keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest months. These products then become your cool, comfortable, easy to wash base layers in the winter. Plus it saves you changing before hitting the gym after work … okay maybe not. A fantastic collection by Snickers workwear called the LiteWork has been a fantastic addition to our range, made from a light, quick-drying material that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable, LiteWork garments keep you cool and comfortable on the tools especially in warmer climates. Equipped with 37.5® technology, the LiteWork collection provides optimal moisture transport for working comfort. If you want to play the one up game, we also stock brands such as North Face, Under Armour, Patagonia and Stormtech which we can finish with your company logo to make your brand stand head and shoulders above the rest. No we don’t sell shampoo.

Work trousers for craftsmen, a contender for the most highly debated category we have in our entire range of products. For every skilled trade customer we have into our showroom to design their new uniform, carnage ensues as the team argues their case for the best brand and model of trouser – over a cup of tea – naturally.  We have a wide selection of different sizes and models, everything from stretch, reinforced area and high visibility trousers. Snickers Workwear is always a choice for craftsmen seeking maximum comfort and protection and a staple of our workwear brands, companies who invest in this brand often reap the rewards and are thanked by their staff, as one of our most view case studies shows. However we also stock brands such as Dickies, Uneek, Regatta, Tuffstuff, Tranemo, LEO Workwear and more to give your team a selection befitting job role and budget. Remember, we thoroughly test every product we sell so if it is our range, it deserves to be there.

With the key staples covered, we understand working on the tools you need some basics to use for the dirty work, to take the brunt and eash day in and day out.  Our selection of trade workwear features everything from jackets and fleeces, our favourite the bodywarmer, hoodies, tees, sweatshirts and safety footwear, all to complete your new company image. But also ensuring you are safe and comfortable all year round. Speak to one of our workwear specialists today.

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