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Staff Clothing constitutes an important part of any hospitality environment. Uniforms play an integral part of the atmosphere created by every restaurant, bar, hotel or hospitality venue, from the ornate clothing of a bellperson at a five star hotel, to the roll sleeve shirt, tweed waistcoat and funky leather apron on the barman at your local Whiskey Bar, the setting would not be the same without the uniform. We go in to great detail on this subject in our Blog on selecting the perfect uniform.

In a more practical sense, uniforms allow guests to clearly identify members of your staff team, facilitating quick and care free customer service. The correct uniform will also set the tone for the type of service to expect from the business, fun and quirky in TGI’s and Classy in the Ritz may be an example. See other examples of our work in this sector in our customer testimonials section.

Uniform clothing will also affect staff morale and attitude, so it is essential that the selected uniform range not lonely looks the part, but is comfortable, easy to maintain and practical. Read our example about a the consequences when a restaurant and high street jeweler got it wrong here. We stock a comprehensive range of uniforms for the hospitality sector including aprons, trousers, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, polo shirts, catering clothing and management uniforms such as suiting.

As a manufacturer we can also Design and Manufacture a uniform clothing look for you from scratch. Our comprehensive service can create anything from a custom tie, to a fully bespoke range of suiting, tartans, overcoats, luggage, footwear and more. For companies who want to press their brand up and against the glass and yell “Hey, this is us and what we stand for” – there is no better service.

The colours, fit, function, performance and practicality of the uniform range you select are paramount as we discuss here, make sure to get an input from your staff who, as the people wearing it day in and day out will have an insight like no other.

Contact a specialist today and we’ll get you on the road to a revamp.

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